Nutrition Coaching

Individual Nutrition Coaching

Change your body, and your life, with guided coaching geared specifically to your personal goals, lifestyle and preferences. Forget dieting, forget feeling guilty, get personal support from an educated and experienced coach using sustainable, easy-to-begin habit-based coaching, guidance and accountability. Come as you are. Learn how this really works. Never have to diet again. 

Nutrition Coaching Groups

Learn how to build a healthy relationship with yourself and with the food you eat. Working together to create something personal for you. Learn how to: 

  • Set BIG attainable goals
  • Differentiate between hunger, desire and craving
  • Healthfully manage over eating, binge eating and emotional eating by identifying sabotaging thought patterns and alternative solutions
  • Exert healthy control over food choices and hunger cues 



PERSONALised menu design 

Get a custom menu, written and designed with your goals in mind. While most of us need only the foundational building blocks of nutrition, habit formation and good old fashioned accountability (see Individual Nutrition Coaching), the ultra-advanced individuals among us might need a few additional specifics. 

Menus can be written on an individual or progressive basis, as per performance and/or aesthetic goals. 

You've tried everything else. Now try something different. 


Millions of individuals waste time on diets that don't "stick", fitness regimens that are impossible to keep up and health trend gimmicks that never really do anything. 

What you need doesn't come from a magazine or an infomercial, what you need is a personalised plan, with effective coaching, that works for you. You need someone who will:

  • Listen to what you need and what you want to accomplish
  • Pay attention to your lifestyle, values and priorities
  • Create something personal for you 
  • Ensure you're on track and remove barriers and roadblocks 
  • Be in your corner and help you change your life

Ready for a change? Let's see what we can do together. 


Don't just listen to me. Hear what others have to say...

"Nicole has taught me about healthy food choices but most importantly she’s taught me that perseverance and self-compassion will make this journey better. Nicole taught me about food logs, protein, balanced food choices, and meal prepping. In those sessions she also taught me goal planning and easier ways to stick with my action steps to meet my goals. I’m not perfect, nor I am trying to be (anymore) but I’m in a way better spot now than I was when we first met. I’ve lost inches all over, pounds of body fat and a lot of self-doubt. I’ve gained confidence, knowledge, and a love for my body in this process." - Amanda S. 
"Truthfully, I never thought it was possible for me to be a healthy eater. I am not going to pretend that I'm there yet, but I am leaps and bounds from where I was before I started nutrition coaching. I'm getting closer to that healthy eater each day, and I owe that to Nicole! I would highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with nutrition." - Amanda B.
"There are so many "diets" out there that I didn't know where to begin. Nicole provided me with the proper nutrition steps I needed to take, specialised for my goals. Because of the dedication she has shown me, I have lost 20 pounds and 13 inches!" - Kim
“I had a great experience with the nutrition coaching group. The group was very supportive and caring.  It was so encouraging to know that many of the food struggles were experienced by several in the group.  We all have victories and temporary setbacks. Nicole is knowledgeable, fun, encouraging and really cares about your journey towards better health. I am so thankful I joined the group.” - Rachel 
"The accountability is everything to me. Having someone who checks in consistently and helps me hold myself accountable to the process has been life changing." - Jason 
“Nicole's group has been a game changer for me. I know how to diet, how to exercise, how to shop for healthy food. What I didn't know how to do was create a life style that would allow me to incorporate what I have always known into my daily routine. We learn about how our self-esteem and negative thoughts are interfering with the positive results we know we can achieve. Baby steps and easy (and sometimes not so easy) assignments keep us accountable to each other and ourselves. Nicole is a great facilitator. The group time flies by, way too fast!” – Elizabeth
The emphasis is on meaningful and lasting change rather than having instant results, and I like that! I am now taking steps to replace decades of unhealthy habits with healthy ones by setting specific goals and being held accountable, and I'm seeing positive change as a result.” – Sandy
"Learning how to curb the negative thinking and recognize my excuses for what they are has been extremely helpful to me in my nutrition journey. I now have tools that I can use to help me to make the best choices for me, as well as having the tools to stop the negative cycle of bad choices made in the past.  I am day at a time.” – Vicky